Where do you work?

We have worked around the globe, and although our main focus is West Africa, our network of affiliates gives our team additional local execution capacity in many regions

Have you worked in my industry?

We can apply our proven methodology across industries, and have worked successfully on projects in most industry groups. See our projects list for examples.

How big must my project be?

There is no upper limit, however, it is generally not economical for a sponsor to engage us if the project is not seeking $30 million or more in Equity and Debt.

How long does it take to obtain financing for a project?

It depends on the complexity and size of the project, and how ready it is for financing. The financeTest diagnostic will answer this question for a specific project.

Does Project Capital+ work with specific investors and banks?

No, we identifies the sources of financing most appropriate to each project.

What does it cost to retain Project Capital+?

Over the last 20 years, the cost of our work to reach financial closing (Phases I and II) has rarely exceeded 2% of the total cost of the project. Our success fees are industry standard and are funded from the financing we obtain.