Who are your Clients?

They are Visionaries who recognize opportunities but don’t have in-house expertise to create projects that attract Investment.

Are you Consultants?

Absolutely not. Consultants tell you how to do it. We become your in-house Team and do it for you, from Vision to Execution

We are Project Developers. We assemble the Teams, prepare world-class documentation,identify Strategic Partners, Management and Investors. And, we negotiate with all Stakeholders until Financial Closing.

What are your requirements?

  • Size of the proposed Project must be at least $30 million
  • Client understands that no one can develop a large bankable project without investing Seed Capital.
  • Client is able to source and invest 1% to 2% of the total Project Cost. The actual cost will be determined based on complexity
  • Client commits to treat the project as a priority and is available to work closely with our development team

Why is Seed Capital so important?

  • Properly invested Seed Capital is the way to bankability & higher valuation
  • During economic crises there are always Investors looking for opportunities but will only consider impeccably prepared projects

How does PC+ profit from your work?

When the project is funded, we earn industry standard Success Fees, which are included in the project costs.