Project Capital+ is an international Project Development company, leveraging seed capital and unique expertise to develop large-scale, private sector, greenfield projects. We develop projects that become ‘magnets’ for investment, and attract financing at the best possible terms.

Project Capital+ was founded in order to integrate the shared experience, know-how and reputation of its principals, as well. Our executives have over 20 years of experience and a strong track record in managing project teams through the entire project development cycle.

Our team has successfully developed and obtained financing for more than 40 projects, across industries, on five continents. Our projects span a variety of sectors, including, but not limited to, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Food Processing, FMCG and Industry & Manufacturing.

Our Lagos-based team enables us to focus on the development of greenfield projects that create local content within the dynamic, high growth economies in West Africa, which present significant opportunities for import substitution.

We act as principals in our own projects and as “Owners-For-Hire” for select clients. Our clients range from multinational companies who recognize the opportunity to establish local manufacturing to local visionaries with access to seed capital. We have helped clients around the world grow their companies, create new businesses and finance complex projects through impeccable project preparation.