We act as “Owners-For-Hire”. We do everything that is required on our clients’ behalf and stay with the project until the it has been successfully developed and financed.

A project is ready for financing when all the elements necessary for successful implementation have been identified and put in place. We develop a project plan and investment materials that provide a complete description of the project, including detailed financial projections and answers to the critical questions investors will raise. We then foster competition between investors, manage the due diligence and negotiations and secure the required debt and equity financing at best possible terms. This enables our client, the project sponsor, to be insulated from the process.

Our work is organized in two phases to optimize our clients’ seed capital investment. It enables us to make recommendations and our clients to make decisions along the way, as the project takes shape.


financeTest is our diagnostic process. We evaluate the project’s strengths and needs, assess readiness to obtain financing, and develop a clear strategy, timeline, and budget to manage the project and obtain financing


Assemble an expert team to analyze the Project, outline the opportunity, determine its strengths and understand what is needed to succeed.

Simultaneously test the interest of international banks and investors, and understand their investment criteria and requirements.


Ensure there is a plan to put in place the necessary technology, management and seed capital, as well as any other assets required to succeed.

Identify obstacles early on and devise the strategies to overcome them.

Develop customized budget, schedule and action plan of steps to be taken to qualify for financing.



The core of our work is obtaining financing for projects. We do this by applying a proven methodology:

  • Create a complete information package, which addresses questions likely to be asked by investors, banks, and strategic partners
  • Target the right parties and take them through due diligence, acting as a screen for the project and in close cooperation with the sponsors
  • Foster a competitive process among sources of finance to negotiate the best possible terms

Develop Information Package

Prepare clear, transparent and relevant information, according to international standards.

Provide banks and investors with information in a form that anticipates their questions and demonstrates how key risks are mitigated.

Market to Banks & Investors

Aggressively market the Project to multiple sources of money.

Create competition to obtain the best possible terms and conditions.

Coordinate Due Diligence

Pro-actively coordinate the due diligence process of banks and investors.

Respond to their questions and overcome their objections.

Negotiate Terms

Negotiate to achieve the best possible terms and conditions within a reasonable time frame.

Obtain Financing

Finalize terms and legal documentation.

Close on the financing.

The cost of our Development Services (Phases I and II) is based on the size and complexity of the project, but rarely exceeds 2% of the total cost of the project. Our success fees are industry standard, and are funded from the financing we obtain.

It is generally not economical for a project sponsor to engage us unless at least $30 million in Equity and Debt is required.